F*ckin Problem is a real life, gang based RPG. It centers around four major gangs that are a hairline away from being at each other's throat over territory and control. Set in a fictional, corrupt little town called Sullen Beach on the Southern California Coast, there is an ensemble of gang members, want to bes, hard working/dirty law enforcement, and the civilians that are just trying to survive.
March 23rd || New Skin!!

March 24th - 28th || Interest Check

skin credit goes to miss texas, custom structure scripts go to black, and the toggle cbox goes to subdevo. Another big thanks to ree @ shine for the code box edit, & Neco for editing and pulling this beautiful skin together. All site templates, information, and descriptions belong to f*ckin problem and it's staff members (past & present) and is not allowed for use, all other content belongs to the respective contributors. And, of course, a huge thank you to all the members who have stuck by or just arrived to help make this awesome place what it is today.

With much thanks,
The FP staff (Kammi, Brinee, Vixxy, & Neco)

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skin made by miss texas at caution, cc, & shine
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